3rd Home – Giles Adams

They say home is where the heart is.

Which is appropriate for Giles Adams, Partner and President of luxury home exchange club, 3RD HOME – because he loves his job.

A private club for luxury second homeowners, 3RD HOME allows its members to travel the world using the downtime of their own homes. Think a high-end equivalent to AirBNB, but without the rental side and with the added peace of mind that comes with exchanging with like-minded individuals who also own beautiful properties in some of the world’s most exclusive locations.

Part of their strict membership criteria is a strong emphasis on quality, so it’s fitting that, when they first set up their UK office in 2011, they instructed Lanop to manage their business accounts.


3rd Home


Partner and President

Contact Person: 

Giles Adams



Lanop understand that accounting is time-consuming for business owners, like me – and they’re dedicated to alleviating this burden.
They first helped me with a tax return in 2011, so the fact they now run all of my accounts, both personal and professional, speaks volumes.
I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Our headquarters are in the USA, but we wanted a base here to help expand our club with members from the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia,’ Giles explains. This is an ambitious and fast-growing business, which is truly global with properties all over the world.

I originally approached Lanop to file my personal tax return back in 2011 – and was so impressed that I quickly asked them to look after our professional accounts too.

Working with Lanop has enabled us to effectively outsource many key areas of a traditional finance department.
Not only is this cost effective for our business but the relationship means that we have more time and resources to focus on membership service and growth.

To this day Lanop oversee all of the company’s financial needs – from payroll, VAT and book-keeping to management and tax returns.
This is testament to how much we trust and respect the Lanop team, because we put this important part of our business in their care.

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11th August 2015