Kink London – Kethan Heyer

A thriving independent salon in a hugely competitive market, Kink Hairdressing clearly has a good head for business.

Based in the affluent district of Putney, West London – where rents are high and business-turnover remains rapid – the boutique hair cuttery first opened its doors in 2006 and, since then, has provided a style experience with strong emphasis on service for almost a decade.

Today, their client base doesn’t just boast loyal locals who’ve entrusted them with their appearance, but a growing list of celebrities and their social media followers. Together, this means they often operate on busy, customer-facing schedule with little room for manoeuvre in today’s paperwork-heavy business world.

So, when their old accountant suddenly passed away towards the end of the financial year, the owner of the business, Khethan Heyer, found himself in a delicate situation – struggling to obtain his company’s financial information from the grieving widow, while simultaneously hard-pressed to factor the necessary accounting into his own working week.


Kink London


Business Owner

Contact Person: 

Khethan Heyer


Lanop changed my perception of accountants.
They’re professional, relaxed and I can take comfort in knowing they are always available to help when I need them.
Now, I recommend them to family, friends and clients.

Looking after affluent clients is a time-consuming business which left us at a loss as how to get through the late filing penalties and growing mountain of paperwork,’ he says.

So, in 2011, Lanop took over all the financial requirements of the salon and helped us get on top of everything. And they did. Where appropriate, they even wrote to HMRC and got the few late penalties waived due to extenuating circumstances, while simultaneously negotiating an affordable payment plan for anything that was still outstanding.

This gave us a renewed freedom to concentrate on what we do best: being creative’.

And it worked. As a result, Kink London were able to remain focused on itself and the needs of its customers – expanding with a lucrative new product range, Naturally Done, which has become one of their best-sellers.

Styling and aesthetics is at the core of what we do – it’s a creative skill. So to apply or time to something else, something administrative – although crucial – would be a disservice to our customers.

That’s how we found a solution in Lanop. They got to the root of the problem and helped encourage growth.

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11th August 2015