Specialised Accounting for Immigrants/Visa Related

Our practice licensing body is one of those recognized & approved by the Home Office; therefore we offer wide range of services to clients who often require accounts, tax returns, management accounts, accountants’ certification, supporting letter and other documents for submission to the home office.

You may need your personal or company accounts to support your personal visa, family visa or a visa for your staff, our team is experienced to provide you these services fully keeping in view the home office requirements. We work closely with the top immigration advisors of London to make sure that our specialized team is up to date with the ever changing immigration rules that can affect our clients.

The most common form is Tier 1 – Entrepreneur visas, whereby the visa holders have invested significant amount in the UK. It is vital that the amount invested is taken care of so the results are fruitful. Our dedicated staff can help you in the whole process right from the day you arrive in the UK.

Our clients acknowledge the accounting and legal complexities involved in their visas which we fully understand. Our fully equipped team is proudly maintaining 100% success record for our clients; our prepared documents are detailed & simple for the case workers, to the point and self-explanatory.

Please contact us for more details and to find out the ways in which we can help you.


Please note Lanop only provides all the accounting services and have partnered with the top immigration firm to file visa applications. Hence our clients are at peace of mind that their visa is being processed by the best in market.